Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lose Weight Without Exercise: How and what to eat?

To lose weight and lose fat you must eat his fill, never resist hunger. It should also eat slowly . It does not necessarily need to eat less to lose weight but you have to eat otherwise . Some foods such as apple are thus preferable to sweets during a anti-diet weight .

How to Eat to Lose Weight

If the organism is resistant to hunger, he defends himself by reducing his calorie expenditure. It is a vicious circle: it absorbs less calories, less body spends. Ultimately, you can not lose weight despite almost a regime of starvation. In addition, resisting hunger you feel tired, energy is missing. If you are hungry is that your body needs calories. We must bring him. It is not gorging, he must eat his fill, no more, no less. Do not rely on his will to resist hunger diet, it does not last long. Further ensuring eat slowly you a feeling of satiety and pleasure to savor the food, and it is ultimately faster than satisfied if the meal was eaten too quickly.

What to eat to lose weight?

Certainly we must eat less certain foods, especially products to taste sweet , these can be replaced by fruits. The apple has such virtues through satiating fiber found in its skin. The green tea also helps eliminate fat through the caffeine it contains and thus acts on the metabolism by increasing energy expenditure as the guarana thanks to its caffeine slower than coffee diffusion.The spirulina is also considered an appetite suppressant because it is part of nutrient-dense foods .